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Fastest Delivery of Parcels & Documents to India from UK

India has a population of more than a billion, which is continuously rising. Nearly 1.5 million Indians currently live in the UK, which makes them the biggest ethnic minority in the whole of the United Kingdom. Several Indians have relatives and friends in India and they keep sending many items to them alongside billions of pounds of remittances. For sending items, they have to use a cargo service which will take their items from the UK back home to India.

What is the cheapest way to send Parcel to India?

There are many ways to send a parcel to India. The best option among all is to use a dedicated service which takes care of your parcel and delivers it to your intended destination in India from anywhere in the world. From the UK where loads of Indians live, there are many cargo services which offer their amenities at different prices.

Among all the companies offering their facilitations, ParceltoIndiafromUK is the best option. We have dozens of satisfied customers, and they are happy because we give them a variety of choices to make when sending their items to Pakistan. We provide them all the cheapest options to send their courier to India from the UK.

The cheapest way to send a parcel to India is via sea cargo. Our sea cargo rates are the best in the whole of the United Kingdom. We offer dedicated ocean freight services which ensure that your items stay protected and intact during their transportation to India.

What is the fastest way to send documents to India?

There are many cases where a person will need some documents to be delivered to his country in India urgently. They could be property, educational or other documents. For the fastest document delivery to India, ParceltoIndiafromUK is the best option. We have a document-specific service which makes sure to deliver your documents within a week. You can send all kinds of documents using our service.

How much is it to ship to India?

We have the cheapest rates for both sea and air cargo. Our rates for sea cargo are £2.5/kg, while our air cargo rates are £5/kg. We also offer a free pick-up service as well, so that you don’t have to hassle for taking your parcel to our office on your own. We will pick the items from your doorstep instead. If you still want to take stuff to our office on your own, we will give you a £5 discount in that case.

How long does it take to ship from UK to India?

For sea cargo, our service takes three to four months but it is very cheap. More time is taken due to the customs process, which elongates the time even further. For air cargo, our service takes between twelve to fourteen days to deliver to the doorstep of the customer. No other company can match the quality and efficiency of the services we provide.

How long does airmail take from India?

Our airmail services are very efficient, and we will deliver your cargo to your doorstep in twelve to fourteen days. We ensure the safety of your belongings and guarantee a timely delivery to your desired destination.

Do I have to pay customs for package from UK to India?

If you are sending normal cargo, then from June, 2019, the Indian government has set up a custom duty tax on cargo per kg basis as well. You will have to pay £1/kg duty for your packages to India. If you are sending electronic items, then you will be charged extra duty which depends on the price and value of the item.

Can I send Chocolates to India?

You can send all kinds of chocolates, candies, biscuits and other kinds of food of the same type using our service to India. Our dedicated service for carrying chocolates makes sure to deliver at the home of the client in a very short time.

How much is it to send a letter to India?
Using our service, you can send letters to India. For that purpose, we have a dedicated service which delivers in 4-5 working days for £40. We also have another service which delivers in 8-10 days for £20 to the doorstep of the address you choose in India.

Can we Courier medicines from India to UK?
As per the policies of our company, all kinds of medicines and items which contain alcohol are strictly prohibited from being sent. We do not allow any type of medicine to be sent. We follow all the international guidelines strictly, so you will not be allowed to send medicines in any case.

Parcel to India from Leicester
If you live in and around Leicester and want to send a parcel to India, we’re here for you. We have our main office located in Leicester from where we operate. You can either take the stuff to our office directly or choose a door to door cargo service in which we will pick the items from your home, package it properly and send it over for delivery to the home of the destination you choose in India. So, if you’re in Leicester or live close to it, come to our office to send all kinds of stuff to India.

Parcel to India from London
If you reside in London or in a nearby town or borough, you can come to our London offices to find details about our services and taking your items to our office for postage to India. We have four offices in different areas of London. We have our offices in Southall, Harrow, Wembley and Hayes.

You can come to any office which you find nearby. If you live too far from all these offices, you can choose our pick-up service. Our representatives will reach your location and take the items to our office where they will be packaged. After being packaged, they will be sent to your location of choice in India in a swift time period.

What areas do you cover in UK for pick-up?
If you live in or near Leicester or London, you can easily reach our offices directly. But, even if you live far away from our offices, you can still use our services to send goods to India. In that case, we have a pick-up service which means no matter where you’re located in the United Kingdom, we will make sure to reach your place and pick the items from your home and take it to our offices directly.

The next step we’ll do is transporting your goods successfully to India to the address you want to send goods to. We guarantee the safety and security of all your belongings. For Example, if you live in Manchester and want to send some items to India, you can choose our pick-up service in which we’ll reach your home in Manchester and take the items to our nearest office. We’ll package those items there before sending them off to India for delivery.

What Areas Can you Deliver in India?
Once you choose our services, we can deliver your items to all parts of India. We cover all cities, towns and villages of India. You can send items with ease to all places inside India. Whether you’re sending items to Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata or any remote place in India, we’ll make sure that your item is delivered to your doorstep in India.

Can you deliver to Indian Airport?
Our service delivers your goods to airports of India as well. For Example, if you are travelling to India and cannot take the entire luggage with you during your flight, you can send the items via our excess baggage service which will deliver your baggage at the Indian Airport of your choice. You can then land in India after some time and pick your luggage up to take it with you during your new journey.

Can I drop my Parcel to your office?
If you live nearby our Leicester and London offices, you can come and drop your parcel at our location. In that case, you will be given a £5 discount for dropping the items on your own. We will then package it using our packaging boxes and ship it to India where your parcel will be taken over by the local parcel facility and delivered to the address you’ve mentioned in due time.


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